Macalla Festival


20 Jul 2024 // 12:00 GMT

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Steeped in heritage

Cloaked in Mysticism

Surrounded by Nature

Immersed in Vibration

Rolling hills in a vast verdant valley. Adventure deep into the mountains of An nGairdín na hÉirinn (The Garden of Ireland) AKA County Wicklow, where something is stirring. Keadeen Mountain of mythology and lore of old plays host to a gathering. That of community, love and respect. A community that celebrates art, dancing and culture. Irish Culture, World Culture, Soundsystem Culture. A melting pot of poets, storytellers, singers, musicians, DJs, event professionals, designers, site crew, carpenters and more!! All coming together to manifest this dream into the physical and that community is called Macalla.

Macalla is dedicated to and born from the ethos of conscious positive music and low decibel frequencies. We are creating a platform supporting the arts and the various creatives within our community as well as backing the Irish language. The aim of Macalla is to nurture and grow the communities and scene surrounding The Arts, Bass Music and Soundsystem Culture and the use of Gaeilge on the Emerald Isle. Our name is inspired by the reverberations we feel and see from every action and sound. Through this platform of art and culture we want to support the Irish language and the importance of keeping it alive and in use on a day to day basis. We will achieve this by curating a Gaeltacht area at Macalla to include traditional music, poetry and storytelling of Celtic Mythology and Folklore and we will highly encourage the speaking of Irish amongst patrons in this part of the event in an attempt to increase people’s interest and use of their cúpla focal.

Macalla consists of three stages of music with lineups showcasing a wide range of sounds from World Music, Jazz, Soul, RnB and Hip-hop to various forms of Bass Music. From the roots and foundation of the culture in Reggae and Dub through its growth into the ever-changing and futuristic sounds of Dubstep, Jungle and Drum & Bass.

Immerse yourself in the deep heavy bass weight of positive vibration as we heal and feel the soundsystem’s formidable low-end creating pressure in the air and reverberating your chest cavity as we raise the frequency and share in dance.

We have invited local artists from the island, skilled in their respected crafts and genres who have been pushing the sounds and making noise around the country. Each of the artists involved are well experienced, highly talented performers and are no strangers to serving up only the best in cutting edge productions in superb style.

Healing & informative workshops including healthy eating, meditation, yoga, cacao ceremonies, sound healing ceremonies, drum circles, astrology talks and various talks sharing information on a wide variety of subjects is also a huge part of the ethos of Macalla as spreading knowledge and ways of bettering oneself and the community is something we really support.

Macalla Festival

Keadeen Mountain,


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